If someone texts you an unwanted message, such as a Spam text or an inappropriate text, you can block their number so that they cannot contact you again in the future. There are two ways to do this:

Block a Number Directly from the Conversation

  1. In your INBOX, open the conversation with the contact you’d like to block
  2. Click the three vertical dots icon in the upper right corner next to the phone number.
  3. Click “Block”
  4. This contact is now blocked and all inbound messages from them will not be received into your TextUs account. 

Block Number(s) from the Contacts Page

  1. Go to the CONTACTS page 
  2. Find the contact that you’d like to block and check the box on the left-hand side of their name. You can also select multiple contacts at once by clicking the box next to each contact.
  3. Once you have your contact(s) selected, click the three vertical dots on the drop down box at the top of the contacts page to bring up the batch action options
  4. Click “Block”
  5. Your number(s) will now be blocked and will appear under the Blocked Contacts section that is located on the left-hand sidebar.

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