Learning how to best utilize your Analytics page will help you achieve success with TextUs! You can compare usage levels and other relevant data across all of your organization's accounts/users.

For a breakdown of what each Analytics metric means, please see this article.

How to Access Your Analytics Page

  1. Click on your avatar in the upper right hand corner of your TextUs account.
  2. Click “Analytics”

Analytics Snapshot

Here you will see a snapshot of the 6 most useful metrics for measuring your account's usage and performance! If you have access to more than one TextUs account from your login, you will see the stats for all accounts/users combined here.

You can choose to sort your snapshot by the following useful date ranges, by selecting the drop down menu labeled Time Period:

You can also select "Custom Range" from this drop down to select any two dates you would like from the fields on the right.

Downloading your full Analytics report

You can export your full Analytics data for the selected timeframe by selecting "Export Data" in the upper right hand corner of this page.

After the data is compiled on our side, you will receive two emails containing a CSV file with subject "Your TextUs analytics are ready"! One file contains per-Account analytics data, and the other contains per-User analytics data.

For a detailed breakdown of what each column of data from the export means, see this article!

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