When sending a message, there is a variety of options to help you add customization or send a response more quickly! 


To add a signature to your message, click on the signature icon and follow the link to your profile. There you will be able to create a signature. You can always manually turn your signature on or off from an individual conversation. Notice that it will use up some of your character count when your signature is enabled.

If you would like to create or edit your signature, simply go to Profile > Signature.


To add an emoji to your message, start by clicking on the Emoji icon! This will allow you to choose from tons of emojis or search for your favorite. Click on an emoji to add it into your message content! 


A Template is a pre-created reply that you can quickly send to a contact. To send one, click on the Template button. This will show you all of the Templates that you have already created, under MINE, as well as the Templates created by your org, under ALL. If you click on a Template, it will automatically be inserted into your message. For more on creating and editing Templates, please read our help center article on Templates!


The attachments button allows you to attach photos to your messages. The only supported file types are .jpeg, .jpg, .png, and .gif. To add a photo, click on the attachments button and click “SELECT IMAGE.” After you have chosen your image from your computer, it will show as a preview in the attachments window. If you would like to change the photo, click the “CHANGE IMAGE” button. To send the photo, click on the green “SEND” button! 


The Dictation feature allows you to speak your text message content rather than typing it. To do so, click on the dictation icon and say the content of your message. After your microphone has detected a long enough pause, the dictation will stop and your message content will appear. For more on dictation, see our help center article on Dictation!

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