In the top right corner of your conversation, you will see the following buttons: 

Assigned Users- Multi User Inbox

This option will allow you to assign or remove users from the conversation in a multi-user inbox. You can scroll through users to add to the conversation, and add or remove them by clicking on their name. You can also search for someone to assign to the conversation by typing their name into the search bar. A conversation that you are assigned to will be in your "Assigned to You" tab until it is closed, or until you are unassigned from the conversation! Change the Assigned Users by clicking this button:

Participants - Multi User Inbox

This option will allow you to see the users that are currently assigned to the conversation. For a single user inbox, you will only see yourself listed under this tab. View the participants by clicking this button:

Conversation Options

These options are managed by clicking the three vertical dots in the upper right hand corner of the Conversation window:


This first option will add the Conversation to your Closed tab, or remove it if it’s already there. You can also Close or Reopen the conversation by clicking the checkmark or the back arrow that appears if you hover over the conversation in the Conversation Feed!

Conversations that are closed will automatically reopen and return to Yours if the contact responds within a week! After a week, it will return to Unassigned.


This second option will add the Conversation to your Starred Conversations tab, or remove it if it’s already there. You can also Star/Unstar the conversation by clicking the star icon in the conversation feed!

This is a great way to track conversations that need attention or are otherwise high priority!

Mark Unread/Mark Read

This third option will toggle whether the Conversation is marked as unread or read. An unread message will display a badge notification for you and any other users on your account who are assigned to the Conversation! Click this button to mark a conversation read or unread: 


This fourth option allows you to Export your conversation. When you click “Export,” an email will be automatically sent to you. This email will include a .csv file of your conversation. 

If the export button is unavailable it may need to be turned on by your admin. You can learn more about that here.

Contact Info 

This button will open a sidebar that will show you more analytics and information about the contact you are texting with.

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