We’re happy to help assist in the process of requesting that your Vonage number be released from SMS so that it can be used for TextUs. We’ve outlined the steps below, but as always, reach out to us at nextsupport@textus.com or your Sales Representative if you have any questions.  

Follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Contact your direct Account Representative at Vonage.

Step 2 - Let them know that you are using TextUs and that the SMS portion of your number needs to be released so that we can SMS enable the number on our end.

Step 3 - Your Account Representative may ask you to confirm that you are not leaving Vonage for another phone provider and you can inform them that you would still like to use Vonage for voice, but you need to be able to text through TextUs. 

Step 4 - After confirming that you are not leaving Vonage for voice, your Account Representative should be able to easily release only the SMS portion of the number. 

Step 5 - Let us at TextUs know when the SMS portion of the number has been released and we will SMS enable the number so that you can use it with our platform.


  • Make sure that you contact your Account Representative at Vonage directly, not the support line.
  • Vonage has been saying that they cannot release only part of the number, so you may need to push back on your Account Representative in order to have them release just the SMS portion of the number.
  • Ask Vonage which underlying carrier the number is on. If the number is on Bandwidth, you’ll need to request that they internally port the number to another carrier such as Level 3 Communications, Inteliquent, or a similar provider. 
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