These options are only accessible by users with Admin level permissions in TextUs! You can get to them by clicking on the SETTINGS tab in the dark blue bar at the top of TextUs

Basic Settings

From this page you can have access to changing some important features related to your TextUs account.

Name: This is the name of your TextUs account. It is displayed in the upper right hand corner of the screen at all times, and it is visible to all users on your account! This name is not visible to message recipients, only TextUs users.

Forwarding Number: If TextUs provided you with a phone number, different than your usual phone number, this is where you can enter a call forwarding number for your TextUs account. This means that any calls that are dialed to your TextUs provided number will instead ring to this Forwarding Number. If you have a TextUs phone number that is not directly tied to your phone, you should have something entered in this field!

Country: This setting will determine the country code for any phone numbers imported into TextUs that are not already in international format. For example: if your country is set to United States the phone number will have the +1 country code added, and if it is set to United Kingdom the country code will be +44. Any number already in international format will stay the same regardless of this setting!

Time Zone: This setting will determine which time zone your Office Hours are set in, if you choose to set them. TextUs automatically syncs to your computer’s time for the purpose of message timestamps.

Phone Numbers: This is a list of any phone numbers associated with your account. Text messages to any numbers listed here will go to your TextUs account! Please contact Support if you need a phone number added, removed, or changed.

Office Hours

You can choose to set Office Hours for your TextUs account! If this is set, messages cannot be sent outside of that time frame, and anyone who replies will receive your Auto Reply Message.

Inbox Settings

Here you can change the Auto Close Conversations setting. The default is Never but you can choose to set your Conversations to automatically close after an hour, a day, or a week!

Campaign Settings

Here you can select a specified time in which the delivery of campaign messages will halt at the specified time. Any message deliveries that fall outside of the provided time will result in a failure, and will have to be re-sent manually.

MMS Settings

Here you can toggle MMS messages for your TextUs account (Multimedia Messaging Service, i.e. picture messages). This feature is turned on by default!

Link Removal

Here you can choose to toggle your TextUs account’s ability to send and receive web links. If this is switched on, links sent/received in TextUs will instead say [LINK REDACTED].

Intro Message

Here you can toggle and set an Intro Message! This message will automatically be added to your first outbound message to any new contact. An opt-out line will automatically be included as part of the message as well stating, "Reply STOP to unsubscribe. Msg & Data Rates May Apply."

Appended Message

In Appended Message settings you can turn on a message that will be added at the bottom of every text message sent from the account. This is a good place to put any opt-out language your company requires. It is possible your company has already turned this on for you with something like "Reply STOP to opt out." This should not be confused with a user signature which can be under the users Profile.

Auto Reply Message

This page is where you can set the Auto Reply Message that is sent when a response comes in outside of Office Hours or when it is set to Always On. If you want to use the Office Hours option you must first configure your Office Hours in the Office Hours tab. To make sure it is accurate, please also make sure the correct time zone is selected in the Basic Settings tab.

An Auto Reply Messages will only be sent once per day per contact, and they will not be sent to someone who is replying to a message recently sent by you at the end of the day!


This is where you can create and manage Templates. If there is something you regularly type out in your conversation you can make a template that lets you quickly send it, saving you time. You can even add personalization fields like first name or last name! Each template must have a title but don't worry its just for you and will not be sent out as part of the message. Once you have your template perfected remember to click Save. If you are on a multi-user account you will see a toggle giving you the option to "Share with account." By turning this toggle to be blue you are sharing this template with everyone else on the account and they can see it by switching from MINE to ALL.

Conversation Export

This is where you can turn on or turn off the ability of users on an account to export conversations with contacts to a .csv file. This can be turned on by an Admin at the companies master account so if you are unable to change this setting it may have already be set for you.

Manage Opt Outs

In this section, you can see how many contacts in your account have opted out of SMS communication with you. Contact Created are a count of how many contact have replied with STOP while User Created is how many contacts have been opted out by TextUs users. You can also upload a .csv file of numbers that you don't want to be texted. Additionally, if you ever need to see a list of the numbers that have opted out you can also export.

If you have any questions about settings that haven't been answered in this article please reach out to support at

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