Phone numbers entered into TextUs are read by our system to try to determine whether they are a mobile number that is able to be texted or not! However, due to many different factors, we are never 100% sure whether a number is textable or not until a message is sent.

You can determine whether a number can be texted by looking at the symbols to the left of your contact's phone number in their Contact Info tab or in your Contacts tab.

If you see a cell phone with a check mark, this means you've texted this number and the message was delivered successfully.

If you see a cell phone without a symbol, this means that we are confident that you should be able to text this number. However, we cannot confirm that the number is a cell phone.      

If you see a cell phone with an "x," this means that this number is not able to be texted.

If you see a question mark, this means that our system does not recognize the number. In this case, the phone could be either a cell phone or a landline. Regardless, we recommend sending texts to these numbers to see if they will be delivered successfully!

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