To integrate your TextUs accounts with erecruit, please follow these steps:

erecruit Instructions: 

First, please reach out to erecruit and request the following credentials:

Client ID:

Client Secret:

Entity ID:

You should also inform them that you are requesting this for an integration with TextUs Next. This will make sure that they make any corresponding changes needed on their side!

TextUs Setup: 

Once you have this information you will need to link your TextUs account to erecruit. This will integrate all of your company’s TextUs accounts with erecruit and will only need to be done once! 

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Log in to TextUs (you will have to be set up with Admin permissions). To be sure that you are entering your Integration on the right account, click on your icon in the upper right and select Accounts from the dropdown, then select the highest level account in the hierarchy which you have access to:
  • After navigating into the correct account, click "Settings"
  • Click “Integrations” from the menu on the left
  • Click the erecruit icon
  • Enter your erecruit Client ID, Client Secret, and Base URL. If your company has a custom Entity ID, you may need to enter this as well.
  • Once complete, click "Save"

This will save the integration for all users at your company. If you have any questions or need any help setting up this integration, please reach out to!

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