TextUs Next is finally here! This guide will explain the legacy TextUs > TextUs Next migration process, and highlight important steps along the road to becoming a TextUs Next user.

Why are we upgrading you?

While the current version of TextUs is pretty great... TextUs Next is amazing! 

We have taken customer feedback to heart and used it to vastly improve the TextUs user experience.

  • No limits - TextUs Next has a redeveloped backend to remove limits from as many places as we can. 
  • Brand new UI - A fresh and focused new messaging interface makes managing conversations simpler and provides more visibility for your messages.
  • A unified experience - Have the exact same experience whether on mobile, desktop, or using our Chrome Extension.
  • Leaner, Faster, Stronger - TextUs Next leads the way as a real time communication solution.

How will I find my way around?

TextUs Next is certainly different and, as part of your migration process, the TextUs team will send you pre-recorded segmented training videos to distribute to your team. If you find you have questions or need additional help, your Account Manager can schedule a Q&A call with your team.

If you're excited to know what is coming, you can view our Quick Training video in our new Help Center!

My company says we are upgrading - how will I know?

When your TextUs account is upgraded, you will receive a new welcome email. You will also be redirected to TextUs Next if you visit the old version of the application.


How much conversation history is being migrated?

The standard amount of data that we are able to transfer is 30 days worth.

What if I need more than 30 days worth of data?

Please reach out to your TextUs Account Manager to discuss this possibility! 

What if I need access to something from the dawn of our TextUs use?

All TextUs data is retained and can be provided via a CSV if needed.

Is my old data deleted?

No! It is effectively frozen and archived. All of your previous Conversation data remains accessible on request.

Will my Templates and Groups be migrated?

Yes! All of your templates and groups will appear in TextUs Next when you log in.

What browser should I use for TextUs Next?

TextUs Next is fully functional only in Google Chrome. If you choose to use Passwordless login, be sure to copy and paste the authentication link into Chrome if Internet Explorer is set as your default browser.

How do I login to the new system?

If you wish, you can set a password by clicking "Forgot your password?" on the login screen. You will be prompted to enter your email and then will receive a Password Reset link in your inbox shortly.

Our new login process also gives you the option to log in using an emailed authorization link instead of a username/password. If you click "Log In Without A Password," you will receive a link to login with via email.

You can also log in using Google if your company email address is tied to a Google account!

Is there a new API for TextUs Next?

Yes - if you have a custom API integration with TextUs, you can find our V3 API Documentation here.

If you use one of our supported integration partners, we will work with you to make sure the upgrade goes smoothly on both systems!

Do I need a new version of your Chrome Extension?

Yes - click here to download the new Chrome Extension. 

Do you have a different mobile app?

Yes - search for TextUs Next and look for the icon shown below:

Upgraded already and have some functionality questions?

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