Signatures in TextUs Next are designed to be intelligent and more human-like than a single line of text at the bottom of every message!

If you are texting someone for the first time it is normal to indicate who you are and who you work with. TextUs Next allows you to create a Signature for that.

In Quick Compose or when responding to an individual message, the Signature icon is the same:

To enable your Signature, click this button. When the button is highlighted, the Signature will be included in your message!

When does the Signature turn on?

If you have a Signature entered, it will turn on when you message someone you have never messaged before.

It will also turn on if you are not the last person in your office or branch to have messaged that person.

This intelligence is meant to keep the Signature useful for the Contact to identify who they are currently communicating with.

You should avoid lengthy signatures and instead keep them as short as possible. Your name and Company is perfect!

For more information about how to edit or delete a signature, check out this article.

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