Tags are a useful way to search for and sort Contacts.

Tags can be added and edited on Contacts in different ways.

From the Conversation Window on the right, you can see all your contact's information and view any notes or tags:

By clicking the Tags drop-down, you are able to add more tags to the contact. Here, we have added Inbound Lead:

If you need to remove a Tag, you will need to click the "x" icon on the tag.

If you click the arrow to the right of Add or Create Tags, you will get a raw list of existing Tags that have been used:

you can also add Tags from the Contact Minbox that comes up when clicking on a Contact in your Contacts Tab:

Can I Upload Tags?

Yes! You can upload tags from a spreadsheet upload with a Tags column.

Tags are separated by commas, so if you wanted three tags on a Contact it would be expressed as:

denver, colorado, available

This would generate three tags when uploaded!

Can I edit tags via Upload?

Yes! However the tags must be the only pieces of information that change when uploading.

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