How to access User Management

To get to the User Management page, open the menu by clicking on your icon in the upper right hand corner, and select "Users"

Here you will see a list of the name, email, and memberships of all users on any account that you have Admin access to! 

You can search the list by user name, or filter down by a specific account:

Users who have access to multiple accounts will have their number of accounts in the Memberships column. Hovering over this will display the names of the accounts that this user has access to:

User Roles

"Admin": Can control settings and manage users on account and accounts below in the organizational structure.

"User": Cannot change settings but has full access to all messaging features.

Adding a new User

To add a brand new user that doesn't already have TextUs access, click on the plus (+) icon on the bottom right of the Users page.

Then, enter the user's name and email Address, and select which account(s) they will have access to as well as their user role on each account:

The new user will then receive a TextUs welcome email with instructions on how to log in!

If you are unable to add a user, they may already exist or have been deactivated in the past. Reach out to your TextUs Admin or the TextUs Support team if you need assistance reactivating or finding a user!

Managing Account Memberships

If you need to change which account(s) an existing user has access to, find the user and click on their name. Then, use the plus (+) and minus (-) icons to remove or add accounts from their list:

Deactivating an existing User

To remove access for an existing user from all TextUs accounts, click the trash can icon to the right of them. This will immediately remove that user's access if they are currently using the app, and if they try to log in they will receive an error message.

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