TextUs Groups allow you to keep frequently messaged Contacts in a single place and ready to Campaign at a moments notice.

Groups can be useful if you are messaging the same collection of people. Examples of this could include:

  • Shift teams
  • Onsite contractors
  • Resident groups

The benefit of Groups is that you can add and remove members as needed.

In this help article we will detail how you can create a Group, add contacts to it and use your Group to send a Campaign.

Creating a Group

To create a Group visit the Groups tab and then click "Add Group":

Then enter a name for your Group:

You will now have an empty Group to add people to:

With the plus icon, you can add Contacts by searching for them:

You can search by Number, Name, Tags, and Business Name.

This is a good way to make a Group where you want to add only a few members - maybe 10-15.

If you want to make a larger Group it is better to use the following method.

Creating a Group From a Spreadsheet Upload

You can easily create a Group after you've uploaded a spreadsheet of Contacts.

First, upload a spreadsheet into Contacts:

Then, click View Contacts, select all from the upload, and click Create Group:

Then enter a name for your group:

Once the Group is created it will be populated with the selected Contacts!

Sending a Campaign to a Group

Once you have created a Group you can send a Campaign to it's members!

Click into the Group you wish to message, and click "Send Campaign" in the upper right:

This will take you into the Campaign creation workflow where you can proceed to type and schedule a message to all members of the Group!

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