Admin users have the ability to Remove a Contact from a TextUs Account's Contact list. This action can only be performed from the CONTACTS tab as a batch action on one or more Contacts.

Depending on which account the Contact is removed from, the removal will have different results for users on other accounts.

What does the Remove Contact feature do?

When a Contact that does not have an existing Conversation associated with it is removed, the Contact will be removed from the database. If the Contact was included in any Groups, it will also be removed from those Groups!

If a Contact does have an existing Conversation associated with it, then once you choose to remove the Contact, the Conversation will automatically be Closed. The Conversation itself will not be deleted or removed from the system but you will not be able to search for it via the Contact's Name. You will still be able to find the Closed Conversation by searching with the number.

Removing a Contact that has a Conversation

If a Conversation existed with the Contact, the Conversation will look like this after the Contact is removed:

Shared Contacts

Removing a Contact from your Account's Contact list does not remove them from someone else's if your company uses Shared Contacts. In this instance, that Contact is removed from your Contact list but may appear when you search for the Contact because the Contact still exists for other accounts at your company.

Root Account Admins can choose to remove Contacts on the Root account, which will remove a Contact from every account beneath it in the hierarchy.

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